I’m an enormous Oklahoma Sooners fan. So naturally, I was puzzled when rumors started flying about that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech were possibly leaving for the Pac-12 conference. Sure, there’s more money to be made, but the Pac-12 makes no sense for the Sooners. First of all, we would be joining the conference that screwed us out of a BCS bowl game in 2006 with the worst call by a replay officiating crew in college football history:

Since I linked that video, let me spend a few seconds bitterly complaining about it again.

1. Oregon touched the ball first, before it crossed the 10-yard mark.

2. Oklahoma recovered the football (Allen Patrick #23, gets up with the football).

3. The moronic officiating crew quickly looked around, saw that the Oregon players were celebrating, the crowd was cheering, and decided that was enough evidence for them to declare Oregon possession.

4. The even more moronic replay officials watched 5 minutes of replays showing Oregon players celebrating and relayed to the officiating crew that Oregon indeed seemed too excited to not have gained possession.

5. Dan Fouts, the announcer in the video, says it’s a terrible call. Oh, and Fouts is an Oregon alum.

Secondly, OU has virtually no history with any schools in the Pac-12. Sure, it would be awesome to see Utah host Oklahoma in a conference game (just so I could go in person), but I don’t care about any other schools in the Pac-12. On the other hand, I hate Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M (which recently defected to the SEC), Oklahoma State, and a handful of other Big 12 schools with a passion. Watching Texas struggle to a losing record last year was supremely gratifying. Even though I was too young to remember most of the glory days of the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry, I was still sad to see them move to the Big 10 conference. In the end, rivalries are what’s most fun about college football. I like hating my opponents. I like being able to gloat that Oklahoma is to Oklahoma State as Cesar Millan is to dogs. You have to show the dog who’s boss. Without any of the history tying the schools together, college football would be pretty boring. So I hope Oklahoma and all its surrounding schools stay in the Big 12, where replay officials wear contacts.