I’m a huge fan of Oklahoma football and the Denver Broncos, so you might guess that I have a lot of thoughts on both, including Tim Tebow and how after crushing OU’s national title hopes a few years ago, he has won my affection in Denver. However, I thought I would wait until after the Broncos play the Steelers this Sunday to share those thoughts. So in lieu of a long and boring post about football, I decided to hold you over with a quick poll. I got a lot of feedback on my post about the Eighth Wonder of the World, Jess the Gender-Ambiguous Domino’s Employee. And by a lot of feedback, I mean my mom told me multiple times that she liked it. I also just found out that you can create a poll in these posts. So, I decided to test my polling skills by asking anyone who has seen the Domino’s commercial with Jess what they initially thought Jess’s gender was before they finished my thoroughly scientific breakdown of his/her gender status. Feel free to vote, but this isn’t a Chicago election, so please only vote once. We wouldn’t want the results getting distorted, although that would be kind of fitting given the polling subject.